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Adam’s Blog – Being Creative – 21/04/2017

So where do i start?

From a chef to being the production manager at Direct Packaging for quite a few years making billions of bags.  Now in the design and marketing side of the business it has been a learning curve. I’ve had a lot to do with our new website and design of our monthly e-mail’s about our great products like our crimp bags, titan bags and block bottom bags. (you can sign up to here to receive our emails)

Everyone here at Direct Packaging thought i would be the best person to do this job based on my technical knowledge and creative skills.

You may ask what are my creative skills?

I’m pretty good with a camera and came runner up in the Southend Festival Photography competition.  My editing skills are lets say different from the norm which brings a unique touch, as hobbies go I’ve had quite a few and they change over time like they do.  I got back into gaming and wondered if i could mix it with my creative side.  I started Youtube and live streaming of my gaming and also did a 24 hour charity gaming event for MacMillian Cancer.  Rising nearly £300 and also having PINK hair at the end of it which was pretty cool.

Making content, streaming and gaming competitions it can be a very time demanding hobby.  Attracting audiences of over 11,000 people so far around the world enjoying my content, I wonder if i can make our bags exciting?

As a gamer/IT nerd i love stats, since the new website has gone live its doing pretty well so far.  Its now what we do with these stats is the question, quite a task i think but hopefully we can work on something and we can carry on being one of the top bag manufacturers/convertors in the UK.

Our short lead times, great customer services, competitive prices and unique digital content 😉 is why our customers keep coming back.

We at Direct Packaging are always keen to help with your enquiry, just drop us an email or call.

Here’s some of my photography, I won’t link my Youtube just yet (maybe for another blog or vlog)

southend stormbeach hutsCar photoshoot

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