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Lyn’s Blog – Dogs & Ducks – 18/01/2017

gif of a running duck


How cold can it get??

 -5 deg when  were walking the dogs or rather skating with the dogs, up and down our road at 06.30 this morning.  I have never seen the temperature gauge read such a low number before and hope not to again. 

Every morning and evening, come rain, snow, ice, gale force winds, my husband feeds and waters our pet ducks (while I feed and water our three dogs).

This morning, warmly dressed in hat, gloves and wellies,  my poor husband had to break the ice on all five ducks ponds  & water troughs.  This was to make sure that the fifteen assorted ducks, (Indian runners, mallards, call ducks etc) can have a splash around despite sub-zero temperatures.  And just when he thought it couldn’t get any colder, the rubber gloves he was wearing, split….not a happy hubby but very happy ducks.  They have their daily 5-a-day vegetables, pellets and particularly like munching away on the spinach leaves which are packed in the style of Crimp bottom bags we make here at Direct Packaging.

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Keep warm,


Lyn's Dogs Lyn's ducks                                                  Lyn's ducks


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