Cross Bottom Bags (No card)

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As well as printed block bottom bags, we supply plain block bottom bags. Ideal for packaging your catering goods, plain block bottom bags can come without a silver cardboard base or with and in various sizes.

Cross bottom bags are made from polypropylene and open out at the bottom easily to fill your product. The rectangular base enables them to stand up nicely on their own. Cross bottom bags are ideal for sweets, cakes and all types of confectionery. They can also be used for non-food products such as cosmetic items and potpourri. They can be heat sealed at the top or simply tied up with ribbon , string or lace.

We have a number of stock sizes available off the shelf. We can also supply plain and printed bespoke cross bottom bags to match your exact specification. All we need is the full spec and artwork and we can supply you the finished product.

Accessories such as ribbons and ties are the perfect finishing touch to our cross bottom bags. Take a look at our clips and ties to seal your bag. We have these readily available so contact us for more information.

Size (mm) Micron
95 x 165mm 30mu
100 x 190mm 30mu
115 x 210mm 30mu
120 x 225mm 30mu
130 x 240mm 30mu
145 x 255mm 30mu
160 x 250mm 30mu


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95x165mm (No Card), 100x190mm (No Card), 115x210mm (No Card), 120x225mm (No Card), 130x240mm (No Card), 145x255mm (No Card), 160x250mm (No Card)


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