Everyday Printed Block Bottom Bags

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We have a huge range of generically printed block bottom bags so you can pack your product in a beautifully designed and printed bag without having to pay for expensive artwork and plates. New designs arrive every season to keep your image fresh and bright. However you can print your design if you prefer, subject to minimum order quantity.

Bag Size : 100 x 220mm
2Chocolate Buttons99541
3Coloured Stripes99841
5Fine Lace Gold99531
5Fine Lace White99521
6Frosted Chocolate99491
6Frosted Gold99501
6Frosted Red99511
7Gold Frame98011
8Gold Swirl94091
9Hessian Beige98281
9Hessian Chocolate98601
9Hessian Green99691
9Hessian Lavender99611
9Hessian Orange98341
9Hessian Rose99621
9Hessian Violet98611
10Spots – Green99781
10Spots – Orange99791
10Spots – White99771
Some of these designs are also available in other sizes :- 120x275mm or 140x305mm

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Take a look at our clips and ties to seal your bag

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Buttons, Chocolate Buttons, Coloured Stripes, Elegance Gold, Elegance Silver, Fine Lace Gold, Fine Lace White, Frosted Chocolate, Frosted Gold, Frosted Red, Gold Frame, Gold Swirl, Hessian Beige, Hessian Chocolate, Hessian Green, Hessian Lavender, Hessian Orange, Hessian Rose, Hessian Violet, Spots Green, Spots Orange, Spots White