Kraft Laminate – Stand up pouch bags

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Our Kraft pouch bags are manufactured in 12 micron polyester, 60 micron polythene and 80gsm paper.

Please note: Any aggressive fillings must be tested for suitability by the customer.
These pouch bags are not suitable for microwave or oven use or any other thermal applications.

For a low cost, alternative material/specification pouch bag, please check out our Crystal range.

Free samples can be sent to you, so you can check how your product will look.

Ref: Kraft Pouch  Colour
POUCH130X250/OBG 130 (2×40)x250mm Natural
Ref: Kraft Pouch With Window Colour
POUCH130X250/OBG/WINDOW 130 (2×40)x250mm Natural

130 (2×40)x250mm – Natural, 130 (2×40)x250mm – Natural (Window)


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