Pallet Wrap

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Hand Film
Stretch film suitable for hand application. These rolls are suitable for quick and easy use by hand where machine application is not suitable.
hand film is available in 400mm and 500mm wide rolls in thicknesses of 12-34 micron. Hand film is produced on cores with 38mm internal diameter that can be flush with the roll or extended to suit the users preferred application technique.

Hand stretch film which is super strong with super clarity, super cling and super efficient.

5 reasons that make Supawrap the right choice:

  1. Equivalent in strength to conventional?17 and 20MU films
  2. Easier to use & requires less wrapping to secure a pallet
  3. Highly resistant to damage
  4. Wraps more pallets per roll
  5. Clearer than a blown film

Blown film specifications also available. Other sizes/specification available upon request

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400x200x34mu, 400x300x20mu, 400x300x23mu, 500x250x23mu, 400x300x17mu (Supawrap), 400x300x17mu (Supawrap BLACK)