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Layflat tubing
22nd September 2016
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25th November 2016
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Soap Wrap

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Soap Wrap

Plain or printed, random or to register, with or without our re-sealable tape for ease of wrapping your product.

We manufacture sheets in various materials including polypropylene and cellophane.

It’s not just bags we make here at Direct Packaging. We can also manufacture sheets to your specification.  With low prices and minimum order quantities, our plain sheets could be the perfect packaging solution for you. Some examples of sheet uses include:

  • wrapping candles
  • food stuffs (cheese, baguettes)
  • soaps
  • sweets
  • cosmetics
  • toffee apples

You can have your sheets made in various shapes as well such as hexagonal, oval etc.


We have 3 sizes in stock in 30mu with a re-sealable tape along the short edge.

140 x 200mm

140 x 260mm

150 x 250mm


We have 2 sizes of varigauge Polypropylene 2kgs packs available from stock at very low prices:-

15”x 20”

10”x 15”



We punch disc shapes in various materials to your requirements.
Examples;  Jam Pot covers, interleaving hamburger discs