Titan Bag

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Direct Packaging are the only manufactures of the Titan bag in the UK.

This?style of bag , has a back overlap seal and a crimp seal across the bottom which is folded over and a length of tape is applied for added strength.

The tape application also creates a block bottom base to ?stand up? better than a normal Crimp bag.

The Titan Bag is used mainly for Whole foods, Pulses, Pastas, Granulated products, Salts etc and is airtight when sealed. They a lot stronger than a normal Crimp Bottom Bag, Up to 2 kgs can be packed in a 50mu bag without the need to upgrade to a laminate.

They can be made in various materials such as:

  • Polypropylene
  • Laminate

Bio Degradable options

  • Cellophane

Compostable options

  • Natureflex
  • PLA

Stock size orders over 5,000 please call for improved prices.

Standard stock sizes are now available in both 40 & 50mu.

Stock range quantities start from 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000 & 50,000

Bespoke size quantities from?10,000.


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Here is our stock range

PRODUCT NO.Size (mm)

Size (Inches)Micron
60076 x 114 x 178mm3x 4.5 x 740mu
60176 x 125 x 229mm3 x 5 x 940mu
60290 x 125 x 229mm3.5 x 5x 940mu
60376 x 125 x 254mm3 x 5 x 1050mu
60490 x 150 x 295mm3.5 x 6 x 11.550mu
60590 x 150 x 330mm3.5 x 6 x1350mu
606110 x 170 x 340mm4.25 x 6.5 x 1350mu
607125 x 200 x 305mm5 x 8 x 1250mu
608125 x 200 x 380mm5 x 8 x 1550mu
Looking for a bespoke size?
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Additional information

Stock sizes

76x114x178mm 40mu, 76x125x229mm 40mu, 90x125x229mm 40mu, 76x125x254mm 50mu, 90x150x295mm 50mu, 90x150x330mm 50mu, 110x170x340mm 50mu, 125x200x305mm 50mu, 125x200x380mm 50mu

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