Here at Direct Packaging we can offer a range of services

Conversion Services

Has your form fill machine broken down and stopped production? if it has, we can convert your film into pre-made bags to get your production line working again. Here at Direct Packaging we offer a conversion service for your polypropylene, cellophane and various laminate films We charge a simple, reasonable fee per 1,000 bags and return the completed bags to you or directly to your customer. A straight forward service which enables you to keep control of cost processes and we offer great lead times, to learn more about our conversion services please contact us.

Contract Packaging

Bespoke packaging at realistic prices... Direct Packaging can offer a variety of packaging services, including Labelling, Hand Collation and Bagging. We are able to cater for your needs and offer a professional service at realistic prices.

BAGGING (non-food)

Bagging is one of the easiest and cheapest forms of packaging. We specialise in high speed, high volume bagging applications. Bagging is suitable and ideal for products that require accompanying accessories such as kitchen units, self-build furniture and much more.