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Tony’s blog – Once Upon A Time In The West….. – 23/03/2017

Once Upon A Time In The West…..

A famous western movie, staring Charles Bronson, and surprisingly …Henry Fonda!

…”Once Upon A Time In The East”….Essex to be precise, or Rochford to be even more precise…Is  a group of super people working for A Super company called Direct Packaging Ltd. One of the remaining few manufacturers in the East, West, North or South…

Although not quite legendary, their quality and service are renowned throughout the land…and if the Comanches come a calling, it will be to buy bags, not make war.!

We make and sell packaging of all types, but specialise in bags.

Crimp base bags, Titan bags, side weld bags, cross bottom bags, SOS bags, plain bags, printed bags etc etc.

We can send a smoke signal (email) whenever you want, and samples by express pony.



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