Block Bottom Square Opening Sachet (SOS) Bags

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Manufactured with side gussets and a rectangular base, SOS bags are another style of block bottom bag that we can offer.

The rectangular base and side gussets allow the bag to stand nicely on its own making it perfect for the food industry. An aesthetically pleasing product, the SOS bags are perfect as a display bag and/or gift bags.

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We have a vast range of stock sizes available. However, if you need a specific size, material, thickness or print, we can help you too.

Our stock range is manufactured in high-clarity, clear orientated polypropylene suitable for food purposes. We think they are ideal for confectionery goods such as marshmallows, sweets and luxury chocolates.

Square Opening Sachet (SOS) CARD – *Pearl Range*
Product No. Size (mm) Micron
91201 60+40x200mm 40mu
91202 70+50x250mm 40mu
91203 85+55x270mm 40mu
91204 100+60x300mm 40mu
91205 120+70x290mm 48mu


Square Opening Sachet (SOS) NO CARD – *Garnet Range*
Size (mm) Micron
60+40 x 200mm 40mu
60+50 x 200mm 40mu
80+50 x 200mm 40mu
80+50 x 250mm 40mu
80+50 x 280mm 40mu

Take a look at our clips and ties to seal your bag


Want something a bit more fancy ? 

take a look at our Luxury SOS block bottom bags


Don’t forget we can offer bespoke sizes !

Stock sizes

60+40x200mm 40mu – Card, 70+50x250mm 40mu – Card (Discontinued… PP Base Coming Soon), 85+55x270mm 40mu – Card (Discontinued… PP Base Coming Soon), 100+60x300mm 40mu – Card, 120+70x290mm 48mu – Card, 60+40x200mm 40mu – No Card, 60+50x200mm 40mu – No Card, 60+50x250mm 40mu – No Card, 80+50x200mm 40mu – No Card, 80+50x250mm 40mu – No Card, 80+50x280mm 40mu – No Card, 90+50x300mm 40mu – No Card


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