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Crystal Bag

Side crimped bottom folded clear bag available with or without a bottom gusset.

Do you want a stronger alternative to the side weld bag?

Do you want a pouch style bag without paying a premium price?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then our Crystal bag could be just what you are looking for!

We can make bespoke orders with an MOQ of 5,000, please call or email for prices

PLEASE NOTE : There are 2 types of crystal bags we can make, one with and one without a bottom gusset. 

The bottom gusset (OBG) will help the bag stand up like a pouch. 

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Product details
Good for Confectionery and non-confectionery goods
Colour Clear or printed Contact us
Material Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) or Natureflex
Bespoke Contact us



For bespoke orders they can be made in various materials such as:

• Polypropylene (OPP)
• Natureflex (Compostable)

The Crystal bag is available in a range of materials in two different options:

  1. Flat skirt crimp welded bags with or without a reseal lip. This is a very strong bag that can be used for pretty much any application including various food products.
  2. Pouch style bag that is the same as the above option but with a bottom gusset with provides a pouch like effect. This allows the bag to stand up on its own and is therefore ideal for products going straight on the shelves.